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Heijer Blomstergrossisten B.V.
Laan van Verhof 59
2231 DZ Rijnsburg
The Netherlands

Heijer Blomstergrossisten B.V.

Heijer exists since 1995. We started with one truck and have grown into a solid organization with ten trucks and a daily supply of fresh flowers and plants. Heyer is one of the leading exporters of flowers and plants to Scandinavia. We deliver daily throughout Sweden and in most of Finland.

You can order our Heyer flowers and plants in various ways: directly from our conditioned trucks, by phone or fax or directly through our Heyer webshop. We take the requests of our customers seriously and personal attention and excellent service are our priorities.

We buy all our flowers and plants with the greatest care, at the worlds biggest flower auctions of FloraHolland in Aalsmeer, Westland and Rijnsburg. It is a challenge to combine good quality with competitive prices. We are proud of our team and we are all specialists in our field. We guarantee safe an accurate delivery of your products, without any loss of quality.